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DELUXE Swashplate Leveler (SILVER) - Rave 450 T-REX 450 PRO/SPORT [HR1132-SLV]
OK Tool
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
The quality of this tool is great, looks very well machined. My only grip with it is that it doesn't fit my HK 450 Pro swash. The Feet don't reach down far enough to level the swash without modding the tool, which I've done(added spacers to bottom of feet to make up for the gap). Overall I'm happy with the product, it's very difficult to find a swash leveler for this clones swash, I can' t wait til my Trex 450 parts to come. I recommend any one looking at this though to seriously consider the universal swash leveler that's offered here, it's a little bit more but it can be used with a wide array of Heli.
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