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Curtis Youngblood 430mm Radix Blades YEI-YB-430 [YEI-YB-430]
They do not shatter...
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
I have these blades on my Trex450 pro and crashed once. I was very surprised how well the blades held together. I had a boom strike during an aggressive maneuver. The tail including the TT was torn right off. The main blade broke at the root and did not fly off. There is a metal rod in the blade that holds it together during a crash / impact. This rod is the only thing that stopped the blade from being a projectile. I love these blades for this reason. I have seen other blades explode and send pieces everywhere. These blades do not do that! Maybe they have changed something as this review is from 2009??? My blades were bought in 2011.
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